Gran Fondo Super Prestige (GFSP) is a calendar of premier and true competitive long distance cycling events around the globe.

Complete the longest distance course at three GFSP events to obtain Gran Fondo Super Prestige status for 2015. Women can complete the second-longest course at three Gran Fondo Super Prestige events to qualify for Gran Fondo Super Prestige Finisher status.

GFSP Calendar


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Simply sign up for the GFSP events you want to do and you are automatically part of GFSP.

What is a Gran Fondo?

Gran Fondo is a marathon for cyclists. It is not a “big ride” and it doesn’t mean you listen to the Italian anthem at the start line. It’s an event where you get a chance to take on a cycling challenge, like runners and triathletes have done for decades over long distances, without stopping at stop signs or traffic lights.

What makes a Gran Fondo eligible for GFSP?

  • road closures or police moderated intersections along the entire route to give riders the right of way,
  • individual chip timingĀ and competition based on time and
  • a challenging course (both in length and cumulative climbing).